U.S. Football Academy

Provider of Year Round Football Training in Arizona, Vegas and Seattle

We provide 1on1, Group, Weekend and Summer Camps year round! Many use our training to supplement the coaching a player receives from his current team. We are the biggest provider of Football training in Arizona & Vegas. W are also the nations first indoor Summer camp provider. Train indoors this Summer! We currently have programs for Youth, High School, College and Semi Pro/Pro Level Players! Text Coach D.B. to find a training solution that right for you! 480-353-1073

Peoria Indoor Summer Camp: June 19th, 24th, 26th & July 17th 1pm - 5pm Register via City of Peoria beginning May 2nd!

Henderson Indoor Summer Camp: June 20th, 27th & July 11th 9:30am - 2:30pm register today click Vegas tab above!

Chandler Indoor Summer Camp: Every Fri. 9am-3pm June 5 - June 26th & July 10 - August 14th Register via City of Chandler May 2nd!

just wanted to check in and say thanks so much for all your awesome workouts this summer!
Hunter got the starting QB spot for his junior high team! I asked him today about what he does and he said DB taught me everything I needed to know. Without him I would of been clueless - he made me a star!”
— Debbie A.

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